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13 Dec 2010

Quite some time ago, I'd written about the difference between Coding and Programming. That idea has been long over due for update, so here goes.
Coding is about how you should write,
Programming is about how you shouldn't;
Development is about bringing it all together,
Solving is about putting it out there!
Coding as about the Language and Syntax,
Programming is about the Paradigm, the Thought Process;
Development is about Dependencies and Integration,
Solving is about Understanding and Reacting.
Coding is represented by the 'Writing' metaphor,
Programming is epitomized by the 'Construction' metaphor;
Development is idealized by the 'Evolution' metaphor,
Solving aims to bring 'Satisfaction' all over!
Coding defines the Solution,
Programming defines the Problem too;
Development defines who will solve it,
Solving actually does it!
Coding creates the Implementation,
Programming creates the Interface;
Development creates the Framework,
Solving creates the Application.
Coding is about "Getting it in place",
Programming is about "Getting to know it!";
Developing is about "Getting it across",
Solving is about "Getting it done!"
Coding gets you Paid,
Programming makes you Employed;
Development makes you Engaged,
Solving makes you Satisfied.
Coding is what we HAVE to do,
Programming is what we SHOULD be doing;
Development is what we LIKE to do,
Solving is what we MUST do!